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Averatec 5110h running Fedora core 2

Written By: sm00thee

This is not a step by step instruction page. This is just my humble attempt to give something back to the linux community. I am writting this all from memory on the notebook in question so if I forget something you will have to forgive me. I am also new to linux so bear with me.

Pre Install

First things first. As of right now I still need winxp for my programming class (.NET). So a full format and install was not going to work. The Averatec's ship with winxp home edition but I upgraded to pro. I used partition magic 8.0 to resize my ntfs partition. That got taken down to 20gig (out of 40). I then partitioned a 1gig swap space and the rest in ext3. So my partitions were NTFS/EXT3/LINUXSWAP.


Once my drive was ready I took my Fedora DVD and booted from it. Started with the graphic install. The automatic disk partition option kept trying to overwrite my windows drive because it is first so I did a manual partion with druid. I set the / to the ext3 partition and away we went. I used grub for the boot loader and it works well for the dual boot. The rest went pretty easily. For the screen settings I used the generic lcd setting at 1024x768. That seemed to work well. I didn't set up the multiple monitor settings at install. This was because I had problems with Fedora core 1 when I tried to so I left it alone. Once it all installed I rebooted and whala I'm off and running.


Internet The Wired Lan worked without any additional software. I can't remember if I had to enable it or if it was enabled at startup. If it has to be enabled just go to System Settings/Network. You can enable/disable/configure the firewall under System Settings/Security Level. I have no use for the modem so I could not tell you if it works or not. The wireless lan does not work out of the box since it is a centrino based card. I have looked online for drivers but have not had the time to see if they work or not.

Video and Sound Both the video card and sound card worked right out of the gate. The video like I stated earlier is set to a generic lcd monitor with 1024x768 resolution. The dual monitor portion was not setup at install and I haven't changed it yet. The sound is still set at defaults from install.

IO The Keyboard and touchpad work pretty well with a couple of exceptions. The scrolling feature on the touchpad doesn't work at all and the scrolling button doesn't work right. The taps, right, and left click button all work fine. The Userdefined quick buttons and the wireless lan on/off button donot work at all. There might be some drivers out there, but haven't looked yet. USB seems to work fine but haven't really played around much with that. Pluged in a mouse, and digital camera briefly to see and they both worked. I haven't had a use for the firewire port as of yet so not shure about that one. Same thing for the pcmcia slots. I don't have any hardware to plug into them to check to see if they work or not.

Drives Obviously the hard drive works fine. To read my ntfs windows drive I installed the package from the ntfs project. This allows read only access to my ntfs drive. Followed their instructions and it worked without problems. There are projects out there that allow write access to ntfs drives but I didn't want to mess with that. The CdWriter also works without any added drivers. X-roast does ask you to set up scsi but I have been using k3b without any setup or problems.

Well that is about all i've got. I know it isn't a great wealth of information but hopefully it will help someone. I'm pretty new to linux so I don't have a lot of answers. A couple of quick notes. Fedora does not come standard with mp3 support. Installing xmms and following thier instructions fixed that problem, and xine is a great dvd/movie player that installs without a problem and works great. From all of the horror stories I've heard about putting linux on a laptop the install on this machine was rather easy and quite problem free compared to most.